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tiny heart, stuck inside yourself. when will you open up for me?

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Unlimited Promo in Celebration for my Birthday


Since my birthday is on August 22. I’d be giving away promotions.

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The Reality of it. Me: Hey God. Can you give me strength please?
God: Sure.
Me: Hey God? Can you please heal my leg? It's been hurting a lot and I can barely walk. Thanks...
God: Alright.
Me: God, I need you to bring peace in my heart. It's broken and I need to feel better. Please God!
God: Okay, my child.
God: Love your neighbors as yourself.
Me: Eh. Maybe. If they're nice to me.
God: Forgive others.
Me: No! They did so much wrong to me, I can't forgive them.
God: Go talk to that person. He needs someone to talk to.
Me: No. I don't know him. I'm pretty sure he's fine.
Sometimes, we ask for so much and God gives the things we ask. But when God asks for something, we give Him excuses; not answers.

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I’ve always found it adorable



When two people stay up all night talking on the phone. Even though they’re obviously tired, the last thing they want is to say goodbye. So they keep talking, fighting the urge to fall asleep. But eventually, someone will fall asleep and that’s okay. Because the person who was left hanging can fall asleep with a smile on their face, knowing that they’ll receive a call or a text message first thing in the morning apologizing for it, and then do it all over again.

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15 months! :”“>

1 year and 3 months na kame sa August 1. :) for the record na talaga ‘tong relationship ko na ‘to with #Paul. Hayyy! Naiisip ko lang na sa Wednesday na ‘yun kinikilig na ko. Feeling ko, nagttumbling yun puso ko sa tuwa. :”“> Hayy puso ko. Ang masaklap nga lang, hindi kami makakapagkita n’on. That day naresched yun Garnier Event namen. Pero, okay lang magkikita din kamee! :) hindi din naman kami nagcecelebrate ng monthsary, anniversary lang. :)

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→ Pastel Rainbows & Wandering Stars: The Big (and late) Birthday Giveaway!!


After weeks of gathering prizes, looking for awesome giveaway sponsors, and the temptation of keeping the prizes for myself(HAHA jk), I’M FINALLY GOING TO POST THE MECHANICS! :”)

There will be 3 winners:

  • 2 winners (#1 & #2) from Rafflecopter
  • 1 winner (#3) from those who’ll comment in…

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